Senyo Foli is a Ghanaian fashion brand that focuses on creating waerable art. The brand is focused on expressing and showcasing a deeply African identity, utilising a wide variety of african elements and fabrics to tell stories.

Inspired by the richness of culture on the continent, our aim is to create exciting, vibrant and rich garments to apeal to the new afrocentric , with a taste for modern and forward fashion. We utilise only high quality fabrics and finishes, cottons, silks, cashmeres, polyesters, leathers etc, to create exciting modern African fashion.

The concept and vision for the brand was born in 2007, with the actual launch only taking place in 2013. We have grown from collection to collection, producing richer and more exciting garments, with the emphasis of being a world class brand of world class quality. Our collections take from the past to showcase modern fashion, style and what tommorws way of life could look like.

Based in Accra, the brand seeks to excite fashion lovers from all over the world with its unique and artistic  take on high fashion, luxury street garments and soon to be accessories.

The fashion industry needs to pay attention to the sustainability of the planet, due to its large contribution to waste and harmfull production processes. Re-use and  “nothing is waste” are house rules….a big part of our production policy. Part of our socio – economic policy is to source materials and resources and produce on the African continent as much as possible.